Health benefits of Carrot leaves/ Daucus carota


Carrot leaves is nothing but the Leaves crowned above the carrot.  The leaves are suitable for gravy, and soup texture.  It has essential minerals and Vitamins that enhances a healthy body growth and body parts function.  It has all nutritients present in the carrot.


Heals Burning wounds

The carrot Leaves juice destroys harmful bacteria and heals the wounds that are occurred due to burns.  Apply the juice on the scar regularly to get rid of this burns.

Maintains healthy teeth, eyes and skin

A carrot leaves dish a day helps to protect teeth from tooth ache, gum bleeding, yellow teeth.  It maintain healthy white teeth for a very long time.  It also repairs sensitivity problems.

Eyes are the best part that shows the beauty of every thing in the world.  It is always a pleasure to view the beautiful nature and lovely people.  Sharp vision and healthy eyes function can be maintained with the help of carrot leaves.

Some people look very young at old age due to the shiny and healthy skin.  Skin is the mirror of age. As the skin losses it's tenderness that old skin appears quickly even at younger age.  To maintain the elasticity of the skin, carrot leaves are more essential.

Beneficial for pragnant ladies
Young mother's who wants their body to get back it's shape before pregnancy are recommended to eat these leaves in the diet.  The expanded womb regains the small size and tummy also tucked in. It shows a belly free Stomach with a short span of time.  It strengthen the weaken mother to feed for the baby.

Best medicine for arthritis and excellent blood purifier

The powerful anti oxidants in the leaves kills the germs that generate toxic substances in the blood.  There by, the unwanted toxins are flushed out and pure blood is circulated all over the body.  Blood purification process protects body from harmful diseases.

Arthritis is a killer disease for senior people.  A severe pain is present when the person walks a few steps inside house itself.  There are many remedies to heal this disease.  One of its kind is taking carrot leaves soup of semi gravy at regular intervals.  Slowly the patient will realize that knee pain is reducing and he can walk or climb steps after few days.

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