Health benefits of Darnip leaves/ Brassica Campestris

This variety of spinach belongs to cabbage spinach family.  The botanical name for darnip leaves is brassica campestris.


Dal with darlip leaves and asafetida helps in relieving stomach problems.
Unwanted or harmful germs or bacteria inside the stomach can be washed out by taking false black pepper (vaivelangu) with this variety in a form of soup.

Kidney infection can be prevented if a person takes aniseed, cumin seed, brassica campestris and peucedanum graveolens (sadhakuppai keerai) and turmeric in the form of juice for better results.

To improve digestion and protect your stomach from digestion related problems, take darnip leaves and boil it for a few min with salt and pepper.  It is your wish to either filter the leaves and intake the juice or you can also take it as a salad soup.

The well known fact is that fenugreek seeds has a property to reduce body heat.  For a better result, add darnip leaves with fenugreek to gain more benefits that includes body refrigerant.  

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