Health benefits of Pannai Keerai / Celosia argentea / Silver cock's comb

Celosia Argentea is a biological name of silver cock's comb or plumed cock's comb.  It can be seen in yellow, red, silver, pink and orange colors that are seen along the sides of the park for decorating purposes.  The two feet height plant grows in tropical region.  It needs more sunlight for essential nutrition in the plant.  Ayurvedic and siddha medicines uses this plant for curing some common and uncommon diseases.  Fourth thousands are required to produce one flower. People in South East Asia and Africa uses silver cock's comb for edible purposes.  It's laxative and astringent.  It has large amount of fibre and fat content that helps in reducing body heat, constipation, cures skin diseases and gut problem. Choose the baby leaves for tasty and nutritious dish.


Add basil with this plant variety for loss of appetite and stomach related problems.

Apply the juice of pannai keerai on the infected area or wound for quick relief.

Crush the leaves and place it on the skin rashes or infected area to cure many common skin related infections.

Take one spoon of cumin seeds and grind it with this spinach and add it in your diet for frequent urination.

The common problem of constipation can be cured, if a person takes celosia argentea with dhal or cereals.

To strengthen the digestive system, occasionally add this plant in your dishes.

Cook silver cock's comb and take it as a medicine to stop excess blood loss during mensis.

Jamun or Indian blackberry seeds should be grinded with pannai keerai to get rid of blood piles.

Licorice with this spinach will cure all types of cough.

The best medicine for diarrhea is to add the skin of pomegranate in the juice of the leaves of this variety and drink it.

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