Health benefits of Pirandai Keerai/ Cissus quadrangularis/ Adament Creeper

Pirandai Keerai

Elderly people who are suffering from knee pain, back pain are recommended to have 10 grams of Adament creeper leaves, mudukathan leaves and cummin seeds.  Grind all the three ingredients.  Take 5 grams of this Chutney daily in the morning to reduce knee and back pain gradually.

Gasteric trouble solution

It is a common problem that can be solved by making a concotion with Omam, dry pirandai leaves and Elanthai leaves.  Filter the contents after boiling the leaves and allow it till it reaches the room temperature.

Body burning sensation and bile problems
Even though it is not a common problem in many of us.  Body burning is really in tolerable and painful one.  To recover from this illness, grind Ginger, garlic and Adament creeper to make Chutney dish.  It cures both the problems and one of the famous dish among villagers to cure this diseases.

Stomach worms killer

Neem has power of killing worms in the Stomach.  Pirandai leaves and pepper purifies the process of digestion and aids in proper digestion.  So, siddha doctors recommended to mix all the three ingredients and eat it in the morning.  This Medicine helps in healing pain and kills worms.

Weight gain and ulcer problems in mouth, gut

Remove the fibre, and joints of the stem.  Heat the pan and pour ghee in it.   Now add pepper after frying the stem of Cissus quadrangularis.  For more taste, sprinkle some salt in it.  This dish aids in gaining healthy weight even though it takes more time.  It prevents side effects caused by protein powders.

Dry ginger, pepper and dry pirandai leaves are grinded in the form of powder.  Daily intake 1 g of this powder in the morning in an empty stomach.  It will slowly heal the ulcer in the mouth and throat and gut.

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