Health benefits of Pudhina/ mint leaves

Mint leaves

Mentha arvensis is a botanical name of puthina in Tamil.  It tingles the taste buds when it is added with juices, biriyani, Gravy etc.  The medicinal values stomachic, carminative, anti spasmodic, Stimulant and diuretic.  It works as a fantastic medicine for blood purification, tasteless tongue, inflammation, vomiting, constipation and gasteric trouble.  To prepare menthol, they steam the leaves and extract the juice to prepare this Medicine for pain reliver.

Nutrition Values

It is rich in Carbohydrates, fibre, protein, fat, Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, Iron and Phosphorus.

Health benefits 

Jaundice, hiccups and Stomach pain

Stop worrying when you find that the mint are dried, here is a medicine that can be prepared using these dry leaves.  Prepare a concotion using the dried leaves and drink it.  The leaves that are dried under the sun has a power of curing the above Diseases.

Cough, cold and respiratory problems

Take 6 pepper with two hands full of mint leaves and grind it.  Eat small amla size quantity daily in the morning in an empty stomach to get rid of above Diseases.
Cures Mensuration problem.

To wash out toxins from the blood, Take equal amount of neem leaves and mint leaves.  Make a paste and eat it during the morning in an empty stomach.  It totally kills the toxins and purifies blood.

Add black til with dried mint leaves and prepare a concotion.   This concotion posses the properties that heal common period issue.

Vomiting, stimulates taste buds remedy
Pour both the orange and mint leaves juice in equal quantities in a glass and drink it.  This remedy will stop Vomiting and Stimulates the taste buds in the tongue to taste the food that you eat.

Good Appetizer

Usually, kids have less appetite and they often have less amount of food.  To raise the Appetite, 250ml of honey, 100 ml of lemon juice and mint leaves juice.  Boil all the three and store it in a bottle and have 15ml a day to notice that your kid will ask you to get more food.

Fever and Oral care

To get rid of tooth ache, gum bleeding, weak gums and teeth, sensitivity problems, powder the dried mint leaves and rock salt.  Mix both in equal quantities and use it as a tooth powder in a regular basis to cure all the dental problems.

The concotion of 50 grams of mint leaves will help the body to reduce the temperature that results in normal body temperature.  It cures severe fever if the concotion is taken twice a day.

Prevents Urinary problems

In a pan, pour one tsp of oil and add both Mustard seeds and puthina in it.   Toss it for few minutes and eat it to get relief from all urinary problems.

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